Field Day 2019

Charles W. Powell

There has been some discussion regarding a Field Day effort for the 4-State club, such as it is.  So far, the only standing suggestion is for Weston Bend State Park, just across the river for Leavenworth KS on the Missouri side.  Bert, N0YJ says he and Johnny ACØBQ have operated there before and it has some attractive qualities.  There are lots of trees and it is on relatively high ground.  I think this is a good choice. If anyone has other ideas, please make your recommendation known.  So far, we have three operators on board.  

I would like to collect names of folks who are interested, so please reply and let me know so I can start a list.  From there we can start to make some decisions about how many transmitters, what bands to operate, and exactly what kind of effort this should be.   We can make this casual, intense, or a combination of both.  I'm all for having fun, having some good burgers, AND racking up a few point.

We should eventually make some decisions on what kind of logging to do, if we need networking (I have some mesh network nodes we can use) and the like.  If we use computer control of the rigs, then the computers must also work on battery power (to be "legal" as battery class.)

So, please forward your ideas and let us know if you want to or plant to participate.


Chas - NK8O

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