Re: seeking variable cap drive pulley (dial cord system)

Ray Cadmus

Yes, that part could probably be 3D printed.  I would be happy to do so if someone could provide precise dimensions.  It gets difficult visualizing the possible combinations without actually seeing a similar part.    How wide can it be?  Is the shaft long enough to support a set-screw nub?  Does it need a v for a belt or a slot for a string?  How thick a string.  Once someone had the dimensions and designed and printed a part that actually works...  it could be posted on Thingiverse for any one to download and print.

Anyway, I would try if all those questions get answered.


Ray    W9EUM


On 12/22/18 10:14 AM, Jeff Peters wrote:

Could this part be 3D printed? I do not have a printer, but always thought if some had a service to print parts they could pay for the printer in a short amount of time. This would be a small income maker for a retired person.

Just a thought, Jeff K9JP

On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 10:36 AM Kenneth Ketner via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Greetings folks
I am updating an old Meissner morale Rx that has a teeny cap drive pulley ... about 1.5 inch diameter. Ok for bc but makes tuning sw very touchy. I want to replace that with a three inch pulley, .25 inch shaft. Then with my aux bfo I could tune 4state  cw on a ww 2 Yeah, I know it is impractical.... think of it as performance art. The fun is in fabricating it then seeing that it works.

Does anyone have one, or know of a source (maybe science fair, or hobby robots suppliers, or surplus guys)? 

Ken Ketner

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