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Paul Smith

I am sure Les will operate SSB as his code is rocky at best..... I need to work with him some more. I intend to order the SOTA band pass filters and after build up will give them a try to see how they work. I will order in January. The SOTA filters are 3 bands on a board. in one enclosure. I did order a 40 meter band pass filter and it works good but I need to get an 80 meter for Richards setup for in the evenings.
Ill ride along and see what comes up. I suspect we can work 80, 40 and 20 meters but would not count on the higher bands unless the prop gods start smiling de Paul

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Field Day update:

So far, I have the following people who are planning to attend:

Bert, NØYJ
Chas NK8O
Johnny ACØBQ
Richard WM6L

Our “to do” list:

  • Make park reservation
  • Decide on # of radios
  • Decide which bands to operate
  • Decide which modes to operate
  • Choose logging method

I’m open for input and comments on any of these, and of course more operators are welcome!


Chas - NK8O

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