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K0WDO Will Osborn

I’m a huge fan of the Cricket and thereby don’t want to be critical of it, but in the spirit of making it more useable I am responding. 

I have made many QSOs with both my 80 & 30, however, I’ve missed loads more contacts due to not hearing the other station. I’ve been contacted via alternate means many times, being told that folks were calling me back over and over yet I didn’t hear them. 

I’m by no means an expert but the results of my testing show that if a remote station zero beats me, I never hear them. They have to be quite a bit off my transmit frequency for me to hear some of them, and when I do hear them, the tone is also way off.  So, the receiver feels fairly deaf but also the offset may need tweaked. 

Transmit wise, it kicks butt; I watch the RBN and even at 750 mW I get out all over the place when using a resonant dipole at 50 feet.

For Cricket to Cricket QSOs even a few miles apart using the same freq crystal (with Larry Hastings) we find that the TX/RX is far enough off that we never hear each other, and to make it work we need to be very close, which led to my Cricket mobile setup. Better freq lineup for cricket to cricket QSOs over long distance would be a huge boon. 

For room to room QSOs in Branson, they work great but I’d like to have these transceivers in my regular rotation and for that to happen I need a more reliable receive...even if that means giving it some RX tuning ability or more pre-amplification. 

One other common complaint is that of AM broadcast interference. We can build a filter and put it in-line, but it would be nice to have that on board for the folks that don’t yet know this is an issue or how to address it without suffering too much signal loss. 

Again, I’m a user, not a designer. Just wanted to share my experience for the good of the device. I’ll say that for the money and parts count it is super neat, but a couple changes would make it a slam dunk. 

 73 to all and Merry Christmas!

Cricketeer #13 Mixed Band

PS, to Bill KV6Z, I am looking forward to adding a new band endorsement!

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if 4SQRP were to introduce a 40M Cricket, who would be interested in one?  I'm trying to gauge interest before making the investment.

73 Dave NM0S

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