Hello :) My latest project A NA5N PIPSQUEAK regenerative receiver

Frank Artieta

Very simple and works very well !
Does not drift hardly at all !
After enough knob twiddling pretty good audio !
Here are some links to schematics !
This is the original

Still a work in process !
This first coil in the picture would work from about 4 to 9 mHz
I have since wound a coil for the AM broadcast band !
I put a screw through the lid of a slightly smaller diameter pill bottle !
And wound the coil on that !
I am going to add pins and sockets to the leads on the coil so to be easy to change !
The coil for the AM BC band was interesting because this thing would go from start of reaction to oscillation very smoothly !
I plan to play with the inductor and capacitor just to see what I can get this thing to do !
One last thing is that this thing does not hardly know what drift is !
Just set it and forget it !
 I highly recommend if anyone has the urge to melt solder
This thing is cheap fast and works well :)

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