Re: [CricketKit] [4SQRP] Cricket 40?

Frank Perkins

Hobby Lobby has a good selection of inexpensive wooden boxes with lids (some hinged), that are great!
Not all cities have a store, but you can look online.
Frank N6CES

On Wed, Dec 26, 2018, 2:39 PM Jim Pruitt <jpruitt67@... wrote:

I put my Cricket80 in a metal container that I got at the Dollar store or Dollar Tree.  You can still find them now as it is the size a lot of cookies came in over Christmas.  It has a hinged (I think) lid.  I had hoped I could use a SO239 connector instead of the BNC but there was not enough room for the BNC plug/adapter so I had to wire my SO239 in place of the BNC on the pc board but it works.  I also added the key jack mod to the pc board and then drilled my enclosure for that extra hole.

Good luck.

Jim Pruitt

On 12/26/2018 1:55 PM, Gary Kohtala via Groups.Io wrote:
I wish the Cricket 80(A) was still available. I would like to acquire the whole series, 80, 40, 30, etc.

I would like ideas for enclosures for the Crickets. Anyone? Thanks, and happy new year.

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK

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On Dec 26, 2018, at 12:47, Jim Pruitt <jpruitt67@...> wrote:
I have a Cricket 80,  a Cricket80A, and a Cricket30. I would also be interested but only if the key jack was placed on the pc board (takes one pc lan and isolate one hole) and that they meet spectral purity.

Might I also suggest that there be corner holes pre drilled for mounting.  I know the idea is for minimalist use but I prefer to put mine in an enclosure as pc boards on the bench are an invitation for disaster and for letting the magic smoke escape.  I also had problems with hooking it up to a front panel power switch since the included onboard power switch has a little different spacing than most other switches so finding a center off pc mount power switch with the same footprint to replace the included one was a trick.  Yes,  I know I could have just used the board mounted switch on my front panel enclosure but I was trying to keep it stock if I removed it from the enclosure.

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt

On 12/24/2018 2:39 PM, nm0s_qrp via Groups.Io wrote:
if 4SQRP were to introduce a 40M Cricket, who would be interested in one?  I'm trying to gauge interest before making the investment.

73 Dave NM0S

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