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Totally agree! Living in a "senior" facility cramps one's operating style. Trying to remain as inobtrusive as I can. Thanks. N1KWW  

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Think of it as your basic RF propagation and radio wave. . .

The longer the antenna, the more the RF passes through, which gives a better
signal. . .any antenna that is very small starts acting like a rubber duck. Way
to short of an antenna means a very weak signal on receive as well as transmit.

The only way we talk to each other is propagation.  In poor propagation, you
need a really good antenna to make contact.   In excellent propagation, you
can communicate 100's of miles by using a dummy load.  (I have talked
from Wichita to Dallas Texas using a Heahtkit Cantenna).
Small antennas mean poorer receive and poorer transmit.  There is a huge
reason why the halfwave dipole or inverted vee are such a popular and good
 1.  They are very long, and have no "loads/Traps" or "coils" on them.
2.  They are cheap and very inexpensive to build. 
3.  They do not fool the wave into thinking they are longer than what they are.
4.  They work well with most propagation scenarios. 

In other words,  I wouldn't waste my time building anything less than a
half wave ________ (fill in the blank).  Anything less will surely start
limiting your capabilities.  Then when you run QRP, you are severely
limiting your capabilities even .

Buy 50 feet of coax,  50 foot of speaker wire, cut 32 feet of length,
split it down the center, and attach a wire to each end of the 50 ohm
line.  If you want, add a few extra feet so you can trim the antenna
to the frequency you want.

Dwayne (Ka0aam)

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 Subject: [4SQRP] MicroVert Antenna
 Date: Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 6:06 PM

 Curious if anyone has built this
 antenna, seems to work ok. Any thoughts? N1KWW

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