Re: MicroVert Antenna

d balfour <davesters@...>

More wire has been good for me as well. My radios vary from 5w to about 70w max output. I insisted on having tuned antennas but gradually have deviated and gone to the more is better. Our (xyl is a ham too) latest creation is an 1150 foot horizontal loop fed into a homemade 4:1 current balun into coax back into a manual tuner.

It is at the same time quieter and gives better signal reports than my other antennas mostly dipoles and a 40 m loop.

I see (hear) hams who use and brag on air that everyone on 40 needs an amp or they don't belong. huh.

Sorry for deviating off topic Pretty hard to be portable except on the deck with a big loop.

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