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Dwayne R <masterdr@...>

There are two ways to increase your effective power output.

1. enlarge your antenna by lengthening it, or adding elements.
2. Purchasing a linear.

Each time you double your power, you have a 3db increase
in strength. It takes 6db to make 1 S unit.

A linear taking a 100 watt transmittter to 1000 watts is
approx 10db of gain
100 to 200 (3db)
200 to 400 (3db)
400 to 800 (3db).
800 to 1000 (round to 1 db).

That is a little over a unit and a half of mathematical
(not reality) gain.

Take a half wave dipole. . .double it, you have approx 3db
double that again, you have another 3db, or 1 s unit.

Long wires allow more of the magnetic radiation to
travel through it. Just like wrapping more wire around
a core will increase the magnetic power.

I have 600 feet of wire in a loop. It is only 10 feet off the ground,
and the lowest point I run into with a riding lawnmower, hanging myself.
Someday soon it will be at 35 feet, but until then. . .

I use 100 watts of power, and my friends use AL80's and other
amps. My signal is almost as good as theirs on 40 meters.

You want a station? The antenna is your most important item.
If you can't get an antenna that does a good job, then your next
alternative is a Amp.

QRP means exactly that QRP, not a AMP. . .That means your
focus should be, and stay at your antenna. Rubber Ducky
antennas and QRP do not work well at all, unless the propagation
is strong.

It is great to see all these antenna designs. . .small, compact,
portable, and amazing in every way. People can brag they
talked to people across the ocean, 1000's of miles away. But
they either ignore one thing, or are completely oblivious to it. . .

You CAN'T talk without propagation!

The better the propagation, the easier the hop, the less of an
antenna you need, and the less power you need to make a

The poorer the propagation, the more power you need, the
better antenna you need, and the hop will be far weaker.

You are already at a HUGE disadvantage, and that is
running low power. So, to compensate for that disadvantage,
you can either make it up by a Amp, or Antenna. Since you
are not going to use an Amp. . .

DON'T SKIP out and build a Rubber Duck Antenna.

Fancy and pretty are not good. Effective and reliable is
the key to making QRP like any other 100 watt radio out

Dwayne (Ka0aam)

Sorry for the Ramble. . .

I just hate to see people get caught up into antennas
that are worth about 2 cents, when they have the
capabilities to build an antenna for 20 dollars that will
out preform these things 10 fold. . . without the
complexity. . .


On Thu, 12/27/18, d balfour <davesters@...> wrote:

Subject: Re: [4SQRP] MicroVert Antenna
Date: Thursday, December 27, 2018, 6:20 AM

More wire has been good for me as
well. My radios vary from 5w to about 70w max output. I
insisted on having tuned antennas but gradually have
deviated and gone to the more is better. Our (xyl is a ham
too) latest creation is an 1150 foot horizontal loop fed
into a homemade 4:1 current balun into coax back into a
manual tuner.

It is at the
same time quieter and gives better signal reports than my
other antennas mostly dipoles and a 40 m loop.

I see (hear) hams who use and
brag on air that everyone on 40 needs an amp or they
don't belong. huh.

Sorry for deviating off topic Pretty hard to be
portable except on the deck with a big loop.

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