Looking for Wire Antenna Suggestions


One antenna here is an end fed wire. The feed point is around 50 ft but due to time constraints when it went up last Fall the far end slopes to around 15 ft and the support rope is tied off at about 10 ft in a large pine tree. At the 10 feet point the tree is thick enough it does not sway in the wind.

I would like to raise the far end of the antenna but of course the higher you go in the pine tree the more it sways when the wind blows. The wind blows often here in central Illinois!

Looking for low maintenance suggestions for adding a shock absorber of some sort in the rope that supports the far and. It isn't too practical to run the rope through a pulley and provide a weight to keep it taught but that isn't 100% out either. Has anyone had success adding a spring system, heavy duty bungee cord type absorber, or something else?

Happy New Year everyone!



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