Happy QRP New Year

Everett Catlin

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Everett Catlin N5MZX
FP #1192,  QRPARCI #5770,   Fists #12809,  4SQRP #1314,  SKCC #16867, NAQCC #8880, MARC member, "Rag Chewers' Club", and Secret and Protective Order of Clandestine Wireless Operators" Agent 038.

My Goal is to average one CW contact a day in this New Year. My code speed has suffered because of some heart related problems.. I hope to meet some of you on the air soon. My CW is slow so please bear with me.

" May The Propagation of the New Solar Cycle Be With Us"

"Vi Manorie Plus Gaudium"

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