Re: Looking for Wire Antenna Suggestions


Some interesting suggestions - my solution was pretty simple. When I lived in the Country outside Peoria, I put a 40 meter Dipole up about 40 feet. I came outside the House with RG58. There was 80' of Coax and the Dipole being held up by Sears 110# Test Polyester Twine with a 14" Crescent Wrench on each end of the Dipole that was just thrown over a Tree Limb. The Trees whipped around pretty good. The Crescents moved up and down a few feet at times, as did the Center Insulator. The biggest problems, it took a few tries to be able to launch the wrench just right, and then having to take that great Antenna down to move to a small city lot in Bloomington. There was no noticeable wear on the Polyester Cord, or the Coax (still in use 22 years late). The only concern was the wrench doing a couple wraps around the Limb and becoming captive. Please advise what you wind up using. 
GL es 73 de KCOIH/WD9GKA LaSalle

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