Re: Steve Weber KD1JV "SODA POP" transceiver

Michael N6MST

On Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 02:49 PM, Jim Sheldon wrote:
HELP----I was just given an old KD1JV kit called the SODA POP single
band transceiver, still in the sealed bag. I Need the instruction
manual for it if anyone happens to have a PDF file of it saved on their
computer. I have emailed Steve, but not sure he monitors the gmail
account any more and that's the only email address I have for him so may
or may not get an answer.

Any help would be greatlly appreciated off the list to avoid clutter if
possible - my email is w0eb (at)

Jim - W0EB
Attached is the manual and the Arduino sketch for the Soda Pop. I had a SP kit but sold it, wish I had never done that! Good luck with the build!

Michael N6MST

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