Re: Second Sunday Sprint

John - KK4ITX

Thanks for the reminder John, ya gotta love it ! I’m in First ;-).

I try to do the SSS each month. This time the first half or so I’ll try SSB on 20m and then switch to CW (10w, 5w) .

Thanks for your efforts in the SSS?


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On Jan 11, 2019, at 21:33, John Lonigro <jonigro@...> wrote:

I know you are getting automated reminders now, but I thought I'd remind everyone that the score spreadsheet has been reset. Everyone in the club is tied for 1st place. Also, everyone in the club is tied for last place. We all have an equal chance to win the coveted (but cheap) 4SQRP certificate. If you wish to seriously compete in the 2019 SSS, you need to get on the air every month if possible. If that's not possible, remember that there are monthly winners as well. Each month you have an equal chance to finish first, regardless of your activity (or lack thereof) the rest of the year.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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