Re: On Air Operating

Carl Gansen

Hello Gary,

I tend to avoid integer value frequencies like 1810 Khz, 1813 Khz...  In this day of digital dials, settling on an integer value
increases the chance that someone will inform you that you are on THEIR frequency, or have someone tune up over you
or call CQ on top of you.  With the exception of QRP guys or contesters, it seems everybody else has gone to 1 Khz channels.
My efforts seem to be more fruitful using frequencies like 1811.65 or 1811.35 or some such value...Being far enough from the 
1 Khz "channels" that my selectivity can ignore them, yet carry on a QSO.  The region from 1811 to 1814 has been good QRP
calling area for me. 


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