Second Sunday Sprint

John Lonigro

I hope everyone had a chance to record their scores, because I tabulated the results this morning.  The winner for January is Carl, WB0CFF, which seems fairly normal.  Carl will receive his January certificate shortly.  In 2nd place is a newcomer, Gary, K4VIG, who just recently joined 4SQRP.  Welcome, Gary.  We could use more competition.  Hope you become a regular.

There were 14 people total who participated.  A couple had nothing to show for their efforts.  Keep trying.  The point totals are about half of what they were last year, which might be a result of the poor propagation conditions.  Remember, the more participants we get, the better your chance of snaring a contact or two.

72 until next month,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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