Re: 40m net

Wayne Steury

Hi Bill. I tried several times to check in but there was much qsb. I’m in Grand Junction, CO again living in my sons yurt with the XYL. Cozy!  

I was just 5 watts using my HB1B and a slanted 1/4 wave with tuner. I heard someone below us quite loud. I’m just 12 wpm. 

73’s all. DMR is fun too. 

Wayne N9egt 


Wayne Steury IPhone

On Jan 16, 2019, at 7:20 PM, dekle <dekle@...> wrote:

Band didn't seem too bad tonight.
Got 2 QNIs:

K3NLT     Russ     VA
KK4ITX     John     FL

See you next week

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