Re: ZZRX40 L1 3.3 uH

Jim Pruitt

Terry (WA0ITP) he had sent me a message a little earlier saying it is in/from the Hilltopper20.  I ran out of the 3.3uh chokes but just this week had Joy order a few more.  Dave B has those right now so I will pull one out of a kit and send it to him and then replace that when I get them from Dave.

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt

On 2/1/2019 9:42 AM, WA0ITP wrote:
Terry, I presume you are building the ZZRX40 rcvr. 

The kitter, AC0BQ, may have an extra in the overflow parts stock and can send a replacement .  I'll copy him on this note

If he doesn't, here is the Digikey part number as noted in the parts list.  78F3R3J-RC-ND  They have a boatload in stock.

Good luck and have fun.
I love this radio stuff.
On 2/1/2019 11:18 AM, KM6KJE wrote:
I was putting in the 3.3 uH inductor and pulled the lead out of it (L1) so  I replace it with a lesser tolerance. The one you sent me happens to be gold and the one I put in is silver. The gains control does not work as well as the other kit that I bought from you I was wondering where to get one as I tried a number of places all I can get are silver, not gold. thanks

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