FYBO is upon us!!

JW Stevens

The Arizona guys are all geared up and headed out to White Tanks Park for FYBO for what promises to be a reasonably nice day. Some possibility for rain... ( Editorial comment:  Yeah, right).  Please see the important information near the end of this email.

Here's the skinny on the ScQRPions from K7DD


Norm, N9AV and I (K7DD) will be at White Tanks Park west of Phoenix about 7AM to get setup. We will be using the club call NQ7RP. There are Bonus points for working NQ7RP.
The gear will be a K3 at 5W, new 40AHr Lithium Battery Box, and my triband vertical mounted to an outpost. A second PAR tribander will be available as well on a Jackite pole. 
Hopefully we will start on 40M to catch some of the folks on the East Coast and then switch to 20M. 
On the Hour and Half-hour we will spend a few minutes checking out 15M for activity.  Yes, I know, wishful thinking but there could be a band opening so it's worth the check.
The plan is to hang in there all day but there is a possibility of rain. First lightning we see will call an end to the operation.

Hope you all make it on the air for FYBO!"

For those in the really cold climes, PLEASE do not endanger yourselves.  Go inside and operate from there.  You will have plenty of low scoring company.  As much as we warm weather guys like to see your teeth chatter in the colder regions while we cavort around in shorts, we do NOT want anyone hurt.

Please take a very few minutes after the event to fill out your scoring summary at the following website courtesy of Diz W8DIZ of Kits and Parts.  Rules are available here also.  Scroll down to ScQRPions, click and enter your score AND your comments, links to pix, or even pix.  You will see all the other entered scores following your entry.  Check back frequently to see updated scores. You can sort this sheet six ways from Sunday!  Thanks, Diz!!
NQ7RP/5 or perhaps /M may be on the air sporadically depending on my ability to steal time and a place to throw wire up in the air somewhere. 
Hope to see you on the air Saturday!
73 John K5JS

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