Re: First soldering project

Gwen Patton

I accidentally did that when I was 15. I thought I'd unplugged the iron, and picked it up by the wrong end, grabbing the heating element rather than the tip. I didn't even feel pain from it at was so much input and so fast, the nerves in my fingers short-circuited.

It doesn't smell like chicken. It smells likeĀ pork.

I threw the iron down on my (metal) workbench, ran into the kitchen, and grabbed a roast in the freezer. It let me keep my fingertips. THEN the pain caught up with me and whipsawed me. My mom came running, not because I ran into the kitchen and shoved my hand in the freezer, but because I finally let rip with a scream of pain. She packed my fingers in crushed ice in a Baggie, and took me to the emergency room.

I still have the scars from the burns across the pad of my left thumb, part of the pad on my left index fingertip, and the left middle finger tip. I had only picked it up to move it, you see, not to use it, so I used my off hand. It helped, as it didn't leave me unable to write for a month, since I'm right-handed.

Gwen, NG3P

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