Re: First soldering project

Carl Gansen

Hello Dave,

The "spurs" that you are seeing are not really spurs.  What you see is misleading and an *early* attempt at a panadapter with point & click QSY capability. They are DSP artifacts from the IF of the Orion and/or the Softrock DSP RX that I had tapped into the IF of the Orion. I had tapped in ahead of the filters to get the widest and flattest spectrum display that I could.  After the filters, that stuff would be gone.

My new setup does not tap the IF at all. I use a SDRplay RX and an MFJ-1708SDR switch box to provide my panadapter.  The SDRplay and my transceiver share the same antenna. The panadapter software now is the HDSDR that is provided by SDRplay.  That combination gives a much cleaner display.  Right now, I have it hooked to my Argonaut 5. It gives point & click QSY, dual-RX and when the SDRplay is used by itself, it makes a very nice general coverage RX. The technology is getting better and cheaper at the same time.

I had typed a reply yesterday but must have failed to click the reply button or closed the browswer too quickly.

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