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Michael Smith

Bill (KV6Z), I made an effort to be part of your experiment.  I am in central MO.  Generally, I am teaching a class most Wednesday nights (7 - 8:15 + Central time) , but am available and was listening at 5 and 6 pm at 7.122+/-.  I heard a weak CQ 4S but could not pull your call out of the static at 5 pm.  I did hear KA5JRX's side of the QSO about 10 minutes in.  Regardless, in current conditions, an earlier start doesn't appear to help my participation. 

I was there again at 6 PM.  I was unable to identify anything I could tie to 4S.  Apparently, I was in fly over country or maybe there really wasn't anything to hear?

On occasion, I will try to catch the 80m net, if only to listen.  I am antenna challenged, but will put up my portable 80/60 vertical when the weather is nice.  It hasn't been nice much of late.  Sometimes the net is over  before I get home.  Still, I have an expectation that most of the time I can get on 80m when 40m is not possible (time-wise and skip).  

Participation for me involves two issues.  First, simply being available.  The second is geography,  I am too close.  I see a similar situation during the day chasing SOTA activators.  I will usually get most of them if they go through enough of the bands.  Unfortunately, there are fewer potential bands in the evening. 

I will participate when I can, but sometimes it just doesn't work.  I truly enjoy it when it all comes  together.   


Mike, AD0YM

On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 8:39 PM dekle <dekle@...> wrote:
Interesting night. I called the net 4 times as an experiment and here are the results:

5 pm CST  -  3 QNIs
     KK4ITX     John     FL
     KA5JRX    Bob     GA     Not a member and running 80w
     W0MFQ    Tom     MO    Running 5w

6 pm CST   -   0 QNIs

7 pm CST   -   0 QNIs

8 pm CST   -   3 QNIs
     KO8S/4     Karl     FL
     AB4QL      Barry   AL
     KK4ITX     John     FL

I had to pull the plug in the middle of the 8 pm Net QSO with KK4ITX due to lightning in the area.
I suspect I may have gotten other QNIs on the 8 pm Net.

The QSO with W0MFQ is notable - he was the only QRP close-in station but there is not enough data to demonstrate that a time shift for the net is warranted.
Probably best to keep the net at 8 pm CST.


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