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Brian Crittendon

I built my first QRP transmitter on a Sucrest's box. 6V6, plug in coils,180v power supply. The transformer hung over the edge. They had just come out with thous diode full wave bridges that were about as big as your thumb nail and I mounted my filter cap on top of the transformer.  

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WOW that’s impressive. I love really small radios so much that I have two ATS 3 rigs in altoids tins. In fact I have a lot of gear built in those tins. Ok ok it's a bad habit I know, but it's better than my last habit BOOZE Hi Hi 72 W3BNO

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I Designed and printed a plastic box for her radio.  Still fits in the eye glass case for carrying around. Puts out a carrier. So now to make a small straight key. Hopefully one that will fit in the case along with the radio. Maybe one sided ear plug.

A most interesting design. Seems to pick up a lot of stations at once not much selectivity but better sensitivity than I would have thought.

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