Re: 40m Net

John - KK4ITX


Got back from cards around 9:10 EST.  You were loud as can be and I was ready at 9:13 after a QNI and you were GONE !  A no-no for Nets but at 9:27 I called you just to see if you could here me.

80m for me does not work well, getting set to add another 35ft of wire to see if that helps at all.

I did win 25 cents at cards though !

I appreciate your effort as I host a 2m Simplex Coffee RT at 0800 six days a week and often there are only one or two that stop by but sometimes 8-10 ?


From: dekle <dekle@...>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 9:29 PM
Subject: [4SQRP] 40m Net

Got 2 QNIs:

KO8S/4     Karl     FL
K3NLT      Russ    VA


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