Re: OT: FS GW Instek model GSP-810 for sale

Jim Sheldon

The Spectrum Analyzer has been spoken for.

Jim, W0EB

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I have an older GW Instek, 150 KHz to 1.2 GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator for sale.   It's in working condition, has cosmetic issues on the case but otherwise it's sound. It originally came from an instructor's position at one of the ITT Tech schools before I got it.  It can be remotely controlled through an RS-232 port on the back, but GW Instek wants $200 + for the software so of course, I don't have it.  You can download (I think) demo software (doesn't expire) that will do screen captures & prints, just won't allow the computer to control the SA.

It's a heavy item so shipping will be around $35-40 extra but I'm asking $350 + shipping for this unit. 

If anyone is interested and planning on attending OzarkCon in Branson (first weekend in April) I could bring it with me.  If it doesn't sell before then, I will have it at Branson in April.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB

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