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Jim Parks

I agree completely with KB9BVN. Even a lot of experience hams are having issues understanding the DMR concept let alone the complexities of programming a radio. Most people off the street who manage to buy one of these from Amazon or WalMart won’t have a clue how to set it up. The only thing that has happened is the Chinese have been able to produce some great radios for very cheap prices and beat the traditional ham equipment mfgs. to the market. I think it is a great step forward in that it allows someone, especially new hams who may not be flush with money, to get on the air in a meaningful way without having to spend a bundle for a radio from Kenwood, Yaesu or Icom. Granted some of the Chinese stuff is junk but several of the DMR handhelds such as the Anytone 868 and 878 are just as good  quality-wise an anything from the traditional mfgs.




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As complex and intricate as DMR is to set up on one of these HT's...I would guess that's highly unlikely. 

As for me...I'm sticking to good old hand sent CW on HF. 


At least this Baofeng model is dual time slot...the other "DMR" rig they had was only single time slot...making it almost useless. 







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((I am not advocating this company or a purchase))


Looking at R&L Electronics yesterday and today they are advertising a DMR Baofeng DM-1801 for $54.95! REALLY! 


Google search of the DM-1801 shows even WalMart is selling them among a large number of vendors.


Not raining on anyone's parade, but is DMR going to be the next CB radio?  



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