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Jim Parks

The Baofeng DM 1801 is a DMR Tier II radio for anyone that is interested. It appears to be compatible with what hams ar eusing.





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I do not know anything about this radio but if you are considering it do your research. At one time the Baofeng DMR radios did NOT do the DMR Tier 2 that is required to use a lot of the talk groups.


I will admit to not having kept up with a lot of this, just want to warn people to be careful.





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((I am not advocating this company or a purchase))


Looking at R&L Electronics yesterday and today they are advertising a DMR Baofeng DM-1801 for $54.95! REALLY! 


Google search of the DM-1801 shows even WalMart is selling them among a large number of vendors.


Not raining on anyone's parade, but is DMR going to be the next CB radio?  



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