Re: 40m Net

Ruth A Mumaw

Yes Bill and good morning. As of several weeks ago the new solar cycle has started with a spot at high latitude and reversed polarity was recorded, start of I think it is cycle 25. So the future looks good for better band conditions.  My first solar cycle experience was in 1957 when I got my Novice license and thought that DX was a given until it declined after the peak in 1959. What a year that was. I spent the summer of '59 in the northern part of Ontario among the Ojibway people. and the auroras were so bright and beautiful. The down side of that was that radio propagation was wiped out for several weeks in those latitudes, even for NORWESTO the telephone company. In fact there I saw my first Rhombic antennas for their links between stations.

Anyway, just saying, it gets better!!   Russ  K3NLT

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