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Walter - K5EST

Bert, we can put you in the sound booth so you can tap into the headphones circuits for your audio, and pretty sure they are 1/4" jacks. Anywhere else is somewhat distorted from the multiple speakers. If you wish, we can try the setup when you arrive at the Stone Castle.
Walter Dufrain - K5EST - Coordinator OzarkCon 2019
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On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 4:06 PM Robert <e1dslr@...> wrote:

What can be done to share the Ozarkcon experience with  those who are not able to attend. 

DMR broadcast??
Pod cast??
You tube??
Streaming video??

What's Possible 
What's practical 
What's doable

I really don't know but I  think it would be  great to share the experience at least the presentations with others in our group who cannot attend 


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