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John - KK4ITX

I have looked at several ways to attend OzarkCon for a couple of years now.  Got excited last year when Flights were going to begin from Florida to Branson....... turned out it was seasonal and summer only at that.  2200 miles RT if I drive with 2 hotels each way, lonely trip for one.

I can fly into Springfield but then need transportation to Branson and back, that all equates to at least the cost of a KX2 with ALL the bells and whistles which I have not been able to justify.  The KX2 would not be as much fun as meeting the group but would probably last a bit longer !

Long whine I know but want ya all to know that I’ll appreciate any way that you can share what goes on..... just don’t make it so good that you take the fun out of attending in person !



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On Feb 26, 2019, at 17:44, Dennis Shelton <nadie1943@...> wrote:

It's a 1000 mile drive for me. I should have stayed in Rolla!

On 2/26/2019 5:17 PM, Paul Goemans wrote:
Good question, Bert!
  I would love some Ozarkcon experience! It is a 450 mile drive from here to Zenia/ Hamvention. It is a 600 mile drive from here to Ozarkcon.
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What can be done to share the Ozarkcon experience with  those who are not able to attend.

DMR broadcast??
Pod cast??
You tube??
Streaming video??

What's Possible
What's practical
What's doable

I really don't know but I  think it would be  great to share the experience at least the presentations with others in our group who cannot attend

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