Hilltopper 20 Weirdness

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I have a Hilltopper 20, and it's being odd. 

It powers up and gives me the 60r0 just fine.  I transmit and it it's transmitting on 14062. 

So I followed the alignment procedure in the docs, moved the jumper to CAL and tried adjusting per the instructions...but it seems like the EPROM isn't storing the new offset.  

I just got the radio on Friday, and it was built by a very experienced builder, and he was making QSOs with it before he sent it to me.  So maybe something happened in shipping...I don't know or care. I am happy with the radio and I am keeping it...just want to get it figured out. 

20m was dead to me all weekend, so tonight I hope to have time to set up my sig gen and see if it is hearing where it transmits.  I almost wonder if maybe the RIT is stuck on...but not even sure about that.   I have a K1 and K2 to use for verifying things as well. 

Any ideas where to start? 

73 de KB9BVN
Brian Murrey

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