Re: Success! My Hilltopper 20


Take comfort in having been spotted by K7 and VE6 (


73, -Lloyd


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I am jellin....I get home from work just as 20m is it seems.  Last night I couldn't even hear ARRL bulletins on 14047.5


I will keep trying.  I HAVE heard some stations on my HT20...but so far no joy on a QSO. 


I remain hopeful ... and the weekend is coming up





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Many thanks to Jim-WA7DUY, Dave-NM0S, and Dave-K1SWL for helping solve my Hilltopper 20 issues.

(Mia Culpa Lesson: Make sure IC pins are unbent and mate solidly with receptacle.  

"For lack of a nail a horseshoe was lost … etc.")


QSOs of note since getting back on air after years QRT. ...


3/3/19    WA1WCC (Ron)   RST: 549 (solid copy)

RCA Marine Station on Cape Cod   


3/5/19    W5T (Jay)            RST: 579 (solid copy)

Battleship TEXAS, Cleburne, Texas




Don Buckter

San Francisco



73 de KB9BVN
Brian Murrey

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