Re: Success! My Hilltopper 20



Don't give up the ship OM.

This dead band era has been a revelation to me. Off air for years my last QRP activity yielded contacts like Norway on 30M running 1W. Japan mobile at rest on 40M running 3W.

It's good to be back in the game regardless. And condx can only improve. 


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I am jellin....I get home from work just as 20m is it seems.  Last night I couldn't even hear ARRL bulletins on 14047.5

I will keep trying.  I HAVE heard some stations on my HT20...but so far no joy on a QSO. 

I remain hopeful ... and the weekend is coming up


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Many thanks to Jim-WA7DUY, Dave-NM0S, and Dave-K1SWL for helping solve my Hilltopper 20 issues.
(Mia Culpa Lesson: Make sure IC pins are unbent and mate solidly with receptacle.  
"For lack of a nail a horseshoe was lost … etc.")

QSOs of note since getting back on air after years QRT. ...

3/3/19    WA1WCC (Ron)   RST: 549 (solid copy)
RCA Marine Station on Cape Cod   

3/5/19    W5T (Jay)            RST: 579 (solid copy)
Battleship TEXAS, Cleburne, Texas
Don Buckter
San Francisco

73 de KB9BVN
Brian Murrey

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