Re: $2.00 Bills

Rob <roomberg@...>

$2 bills is real money.

I used to keep a lot of them when I was driving because my turnpike toll one way to work was $2.55  so I would wrap a 50 cent piece and a nickel into a folded triangle made of  a $2 bill and hand it to the toll booth guy and drive off with him thinking I short changed him every time.    He would look at one paper bill and two coins and be pretty certain that could not be $2.55 and he would hit the alarm bell.... the one that said ...we get to chase you for skipping the toll.

I would also use the $2 bills to tip the waitress at the Chinese buffet.

And of course she would run around showing everybody in the kitchen the fake money someone passed her....

and then the owners approached me and scolded me for fake money.

It took a while but they figured it out.

On 03/08/2019 12:52 PM, Stephen Myers via Groups.Io wrote:
I am down here in Panama and when someone request a QSL card, they usually put money in it to cover the cost of postage. On two different occasions, I have rec $2.00 bills. I have them taped to my computer here in the "shack". I often wonder what the clerk would do if I tried to "pass" them! As I am not fluent in Spanish, I would have a hard time trying to explain my way out of the situation.


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