A power pack for AAs and NiMh AA batteries

Walter - K5EST

Reading the KX3 reflector yielded a great fix for making a power pack for portable operations and even a possible backup battery for those HTs that use battery modules you cannot charge on an outing.

Kevin - K4KPK has an inexpensive solution and it's main feature is fewer contacts than a regular battery holder that has too many springs and an easy way for power losses.

Take a look at his webpage,  http://k4kpk.com/15v-power-wand-for-kx3

Kevin - K4KPK is a SOTA member and these folks always seem to come up with a great fix for Ham Radio needs.

At Ozarkcon this year we have John Watkins - NØEVH as a guest speaker for SOTA - Summits on the Air. You really would not want to miss his presentation!

See you all at Branson.........it is gonna be fun!

Walter Dufrain - K5EST - Coordinator OzarkCon 2019
 An ARRL approved Specialty Operating Convention

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