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Jim Sheldon

I met him at FDIM (Four Days In May) the one year I was able to make Dayton some years back.  Since I'm the membership chairman of the Flying Pigs QRP Club, and Ed Hare (W1RFI from ARRL) is the chief "instigator" of FP shenanigans at the FDIM banquet, we cooked up a fake FP membership for George.  He was always trying to quiet the FP guys down (we were a pretty noisy bunch even then, maybe more so than now as the main bunch from back then has gotten a bit older these days) so we got even with him.  George was always saying he'd never join the "Piggies" (turns out he was already a member from before I took over the Membership Chairman job so I didn't know it) - We had lots of fun with that anyway and George didn't appear too displeased with it either -LOL.  I did send him a proper certificate with his real number on it.

He impressed me as a fine gentleman and he will be missed in the QRP community for sure.  RIP George.

Jim, W0EB

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I never met George Dobbs, G3RJV  but I would have really liked too. I have read many of his writings and appreciate his designs and leadership for G-QRP. I have built a few of his projects and had success with them. He will be missed in the QRP community. RIP George and thanks. I will be praying for you and your family.

So sad we have lost two of our best so quickly in George and Hank.

Everett Catlin N5MZX

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