Re: Iambic Mouse for microBitx

John - KK4ITX

I made one of those just for chuckles too.  Some day I may have to use it due to aging hands syndrome, now I'm using a J-38 SK and enjoy that.  Also built a side swiper from QRPGuys in anticipation of the need.

I am avoiding the use of keyers and fancy keys so that I can get a better feel for the mechanics and timing of CW. 

However you do it, just relax and enjoy..... these guys and gals are great to work with.... patience beyond belief !


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On Monday, March 11, 2019 11:51 AM, d balfour <davesters@...> wrote:

I was looking for a keyer on the internet and was holding my mouse. It struck me that the mouse would make a fairly decent key for my ubitx radio. The ubitx has the firmware in place to support and it only needs two wires. The switches in the mouse are in parallel with one having a 2.2k and the other a 10k resistor on them.

This mouse has an additional switch on the side and may add in a mic/ptt circuit to it to have a universal communicator.

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