Convenient little DC input switching adapter

Jim Sheldon

Latest little project from the "Triumvirate Skonk Worx" (W0EB, W2CTX, N5IB)

Just got the boards in and all the kit parts for this little adapter.  It allows the DC input to be connected through an optional Reverse Polarity (series Schottky diode), the switch on the volume control (or separate switch) and the switched DC output to whatever item is being powered, to be connected through a small PC board using MOLEX or MOLEX Style male/female connectors.  This allows for everything to be plugged in and also unplugged for ease of troubleshooting without having to solder or unsolder wires from the rig's terminals.

TSW is making just the bare board or a full kit of parts available.  Full details are on the TSW website ( but here is the "Construction Manual" in PDF form so you can see what it's all about.

Jim, W0EB

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