Re: A power pack for AAs and NiMh AA batteries

Walter - K5EST

Don't know about the 40 ft pushup pole, but SOTA has a 32 ft lightweight pushup pole,

also I found a shorter pole (mini) available in the U.S. at DX Engineering. URL is way too long, so Tiny URL is used here:

and here are a bunch of fiberglass poles and etc  ......  you can custom build your own design:  

I do not endorse or am not pecuniary attached to the above companies  /  URLs. 

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On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 6:13 AM Michael McEwen <michael.t.mcewen@...> wrote:
What is your 40ft pushup pole...I am looking for something like that.

Doc K5OSA 

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