Second Sunday Sprint Results

John Lonigro

I am relieved to announce that a large number of hams figured out the time change on Sunday (hi).  Now if my body could figure it out!  There were 15 entries on the website and it looks like the propagation gods were favorable to most of them.  I don't know if that has more to do with atmospheric conditions or the time change, but we'll take it.  Let's hope that trend continues for a while.

The winner for March was John, K4BAI, with 22 QSO points, followed closely by Chas, W2SH, with 20.  For the year, we have Chas, W2SH, leading the pack, followed closely by Nick, WB5BKL.  But the contest season is still young.

To Carl, WB0CFF, here's hoping your recovery is swift and complete. We miss your usual contest-leading scores.

We had a new participant this month, Jason,KB3SAR.  Welcome Jason. I could not find you in the 4SQRP member list.  I only keep track of the scores of members.  If you are a member, send me your membership number and let the folks at 4SQRP know you aren't listed on the member page.  If you are NOT a member, there are several ways to become one.  One fun and painless way (other than registration, transportation, and lodging expense-hi), is to attend Ozarkcon, which is merely weeks away (April 5-6). But there is a totally free way to join as well.  Check for details.

We had another participant whom I thought was a new member, John, K6WS, but I found out John simply changed his callsign from WB6HVH. I guess K6WS is quite a bit faster to send in CW.

As the March winner, John, K4BAI, should expect his certificate in the (e)mail shortly.


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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