OT: For Sale, Midnight Design Solutions Scalar Network Analyzer

Jim Sheldon

Surplus to my needs (I now have a new Spectrum Analyzer and a SARK-110) is a really nice fully built and working Scalar Network Analyzer from Midnight Design Solutions ( http://midnightdesignsolutions.com/sna/ ) with the optional digital signal generator. Total cost originally for the SNA and the optional Sig Gen was $120 plus shipping. This unit was personally constructed by me and is in excellent operating condition with the latest (Version 5.0) software installed.

I'd like to get $100 shipped for this - anywhere in the USA & posessions only. PayPal preferred.

Interested? Please contact me off the reflector for further information or to say "I'll take it". First "I'll take it" gets right of first refusal (by date/time on the incoming email).

Jim Sheldon, W0EB
Park City, KSĀ 

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