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Walter - K5EST

Update Note.......Jeff, is now in the Build-A-Thon thanks to a real Ham Radio Operator being able to share. Turns out, no one looses out, and all involved still get to build the the kit at Branson.

Walter Dufrain - K5EST - Coordinator OzarkCon 2019
 An ARRL approved Specialty Operating Convention

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 10:42 AM Jeff Collins <w7grv@...> wrote:
Dear All,

     I have not been on the radio much due to health issues. In fact I
had neck surgery two weeks ago today.

     All signed up for the conference. I had to wait to make sure I
would be up to it.

     If there is a waiting list for kit building and other such things,
could someone please put me on the list in case someone does not make it.

     I am taking scroll saw and lathe turning lessons in Branson then
heading over to the conference.


Thank you,

Jeffrey R. Collins - W7GRV
Training Oficer -
Birch Tree Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Member of Missouri Region G HazMat Team

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