Re: OzarkCon Hidden Oscillator Hunt Prizes

John T. Fitzer

Good afternoon all I have a question and hope someone in the club can help. I was watching Ham Nation last night and in Bob Heils segment he was demonstrating his new Ameco AC1  transmitter kit. As part of the segment he showed a web page that shower a receiver kit to match the AC1 transmitter. The model # appears to be RX1. I can’t find any info on it and wonder if anyone out there has information. The price for the AC1 is over 200.00 so it is a little expensive, but I think it would be cool to operate a vintage tube station  that I built. I have built a lot of regen solid state receivers and have looked at low voltage tube regen designs. The one I think I’ll build uses a 12BA6 in a Hartley circuit with regen control by a pot in the screen. Maybe a good kit idea for the group with a matching tube xmitter. Anyway any thoughts?

John W3BNO


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Subject: [4SQRP] OzarkCon Hidden Oscillator Hunt Prizes


The prizes this year for the Hidden Oscillator Hunt will be $50 gift certificates for TAYDA electronics.
They have kits and more electronic parts than you can shake a stick at.
Check them out at:
(I may enter the hunt myself for 50 bucks worth of kits and parts !!!)

See you at Branson,


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