Re: DMR at Ozarkcon

Larry Hastings

Hi Frank
Yes Frank, you are absolutely right.
Ham Radio is always changing. It started with a straight key and then along came the "bug's & keyers". How lazy can you get, and it was harder to adjust.  It didn't stop there. Along came AM, FM, SSB, SSTV, RTTY and 100 different kinds or Digital modes (FT-8, JT-65 etc.). My Ham Rig has 136 menu's and 5 ways to scan memory. I still just write the frequency down on a piece of paper and dial it in.
God blessed me with two girls, one was a piece of cake, the other one is 35 and I still don't understand her, but I still love her. I also use the internet every day but have no idea why we need https://. I think it's some kind of code.
DMR may last or it may not. But our hobby is one where you can always learn something new. Even an old dog like me. 73
Larry  AB0AH

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