Re: DMR at Ozarkcon

Gary E. Kohtala

Yes, of course, however there is a mentality afoot that repeatedly attacks FT8  (and other things they don't understand, not taking time to get the facts).  This is quite rampant and it's difficult to separate the humor from the haters. Sorry if I overreacted. I use FT8 quite regularly and find it quite awesome. For those that don't support FT8 or other modes, please don't belittle those that do. I am sure that is reciprocal in that each amateur makes personal choices. Check out FT8. You will like it. FT8 fits in perfectly for QRP and QRPp work as it is a weak signal mode. Soapbox off.

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK

Radcliff, KY (EM77at)

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