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Jeff Collins

Dear All,

    I have not played with digital much (at all really).

    Do they work the same as CW or SSB? Basically can you work Digital Modes on a CW only transceiver or do you need SSB?

    I have tried to find an answer online but really did not find what I was looking for.

Thank you,

Jeffrey R. Collins - W7GRV
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Birch Tree Volunteer Fire and Rescue
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On 3/18/2019 11:58 AM, Tim Gorman wrote:
Check out jt65. IIRC, you can generate messages of limited length, I
don't remember exactly how long they can be.

tim ab0wr

On Mon, 18 Mar 2019 09:22:51 -0500
"John Lonigro" <> wrote:

I guess I concur with Tom.  However, I believe one reason amateur
radio even exists is to have a means of providing communications in
an emergency.  I'm not very familiar with FT8, but I've heard that
just about all you can exchange is a callsign and maybe a grid
square.  I think the ideal digital mode would be one that's almost as
robust as FT8 but with the ability to send at least 30-40 characters
of data besides callsigns.  I don't know but perhaps that would be
JS8CALL, as mentioned by Dennis Shelton.  But if someone is happy
making FT8 contacts, at least he's making use of the airwaves and
having fun in the process.  In an emergency, he may have to use a
different mode but his FT8 experience will certainly help in that

On a separate topic, I have an SW+ 80M CW transceiver I built many
years ago.  I don't have room for a good 80M antenna and have never
put it on the air.  It's in an original Small Wonder case (about
4"x4"x2") and puts out about 1.5 Watts from 3.556 - 3.587 MHz.  The
frequency range can be adjusted.  It comes with full documentation
and will be available for sale at Ozarkcon if anyone is interested. I
think with case it cost me about $100.  I'll sell it for $50.

John, AA0VE

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