Re: Guidance on DMR - getting started

Johnny AC0BQ

Nice articles on DMR Jeff.
Thanks for sharing the links.
Johnny AC0BQ 

On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 3:39 PM Jeff Logullo N0̸MII <jeff@...> wrote:
KE0FHS really puts a lot of time and effort in writing his stuff:

If and when you are thinking about DMR hotspots, his sections on hotspots and pi-star are also extremely valuable:

As you start reading, don't get discouraged. Eventually it will all start to make sense :-) 

Also: if you're interested in DMR, be sure to join the sub-group. That's the best place to ask DMR-related questions that may go longer than a quick reply or two.

Jeff N0̸MII 

On Mar 20, 2019, at 3:21 PM, John Lonigro <jonigro@...> wrote:

Mike, N0SO, pointed this site out to me.  It should help a little.

On 3/20/19 3:18 PM, Dennis Shelton wrote:

I am in a similar situation. Where do I find guidance on DMR?

On 3/20/2019 4:11 PM, Michael McEwen wrote:
OK...I want get into DMR.  What is the best online primer?

Jeff N0̷MII

Check out the 4SQRP website at

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