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David KB1PJ,

Thanks OM!
Your e-feedback a big surprise to me and absolutely helpful.

I did not officially log a "QSO" with you. 
However your 559 5W sigs were Solid Copy here in the Bay Area by way of the excellent ...
KFS WebSDR HF radio receiver system located six miles south of Half Moon Bay, California USA.
I sometimes fudge using KFS WebSDR. My QTH is SF proper. Big city = big noise!

Will be listening for you in future, David


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I am amazed you heard me — I heard tones in the background including a K a few times, and once I think a 559.  I was transmitting 5 watts from Portsmouth, NH.  I never got a full call sign.

David KB1PJ

On Mar 20, 2019, at 10:18 PM, dekle <dekle@...> wrote:

An interesting night tonight.

In addition to the usual suspects, there were some new check-ins.
QNIs were:

WA9PWP       Paul         WI
AB4QL           Barry        AL
WB5OJJ         Al             TX  (Member 1712)
KB1PJ            David       NH?   (I didn't hear him come back - possibly in FL)
VE4FEB         Fernan     Manitoba (Member 1088)
KK4ITX          John         FL
WB5CTS/M   Steve        AZ (Member 176) - A rare mobile QNI.

Can't wait till next week. Thanks everybody.


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