Magic Box for Sale

John Lonigro

I have an unassembled Magic Box kit that I won as a door prize at Ozarkcon several years ago.  I also have a printout of the instructions.  No idea what it is worth, but if anyone is interested, please submit a bid. The highest reasonable bid, as of tomorrow night at midnight, wins.  I'll bring the kit with me to Ozarkcon and we can make the exchange then.  Don't let the "reasonable" qualifier scare you off.  This is all very subjective and what is unreasonable to you might be perfectly acceptable to me.  I figure if I haven't built the kit by now, I probably will never build it.  Might as well let someone have it who could put it to good use.

Please don't send any bids via the 4SQRP reflector. Use my personal email address, which is jonigro(at)  Thanks.


John. AA0VE

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