Been reading the (blog) mail.


Dear All,

Been reading the (blog) mail. 
Most interesting. Most helpful..

Enjoyed FB "Hilltopper 20" QSOs over the weekend with ...

W3NP    WV
W3PP    PA

My regular antenna is an all band doublet, window wire fed, oriented East/West.

Getting ready for portable operation I did QSO with AA0AI(IA) using a mobile antenna and counterpoise.
He was calling "CQ 'AS'" but was kind enough to come back to my "CA" call.
I won't do this again. Got to live with myself.

Best of luck with Ozarkcon QRP Convention April 5-6, 2019 in Branson, MO.
Will follow at a distance this year with hopes of attending next time around.

Glad I found you guys and gals,

Don - W6BOW
San Francisco CA USA

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